Our Firm

W. A. Keleher, circa 1918In 1913, W.A. Keleher made a momentous decision. "I was not in any sense of the words a burning bush candidate for the bar. However, I had a feeling that perhaps destiny was guiding me in the direction of the courtroom." (Memoirs, 1892-1969, A New Mexico Item). He enrolled in the Law School at Washington and Lee University in September, 1913 and graduated in June, 1915.

For the next half century, W.A. Keleher devoted himself to the practice of law and the creation of what would become one of New Mexico's greatest law firms. A.H. McLeod joined W.A. Keleher in 1929 and became one of New Mexico's best known and most effective trial lawyers. Continuing their father's tradition of service, William B. Keleher and Thomas F. Keleher practice law at Keleher and McLeod. His son, Michael L. Keleher, has retired after many years of service to the firm. The founders' commitment to excellence, to New Mexico, to their clients, and to family are legacies which animate the practice of law at Keleher & McLeod to this day. Our every service aims to fulfill the destiny that guided the founding of the firm almost 100 years ago.

We are very proud of our deep roots in the state. Keleher & McLeod has grown into one of the state's premier commercial and civil law practices. Despite this success, we remain committed to the same professionalism, decency, and competence that made Keleher & McLeod a success from the beginning of our history.

Running Horses © 1989: Gray Mercer A sculpture provided for the City of Albuquerque Public Art Collection by Keleher & McLeod, PA. On display at the Albuquerque International Airport.